Stephen & Marie Forester 

Musical Backgrounds

Stephen & Marie Forester sing and play southern gospel music. Stephen plays piano, a variety of guitars, and the ocarina. Marie plays the accordion and piano.

Both Stephen and Marie have studied music formally since they were
very young, and their training and education continues to this day. Stephen
studied music in college, and sang in college groups/choirs. They both have had the privilege of studying at the Charles Novell School Of Music and the Steve Hurst School Of Music in Murray, KY and Cleavland, TN respectively .

They sing and play new songs, as well as classic gospel songs and familiar hymns. Their music speaks clearly of God's gift of salvation, love, and hope. The group's concerts feature songs sung and played in various ways. Featuring both vocal and piano solos, all ages are sure to enjoy this combination of talented young musicians!

A concert with Stephen & Marie Forester will feature a clear
presentation of the Gospel in song and spoken word. A generous dose of
humor will be added as well. Their concerts include puppets and many
more surprises.

You can schedule Stephen & Marie Forester for a church service, concert, revival, banquet or any special occasion by calling/texting 810.358.0518, or by emailing: