Stephen Forester Ministries 

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you play instruments?"

A. YES! Stephen plays piano, guitars, and ocarina.

Q. "Do You Preach?"

A. Yes. Stephen is an ordained minister and in addition to our concert ministry, holds many preaching services/revivals. He has
been preaching since 2009, and his sermons are faithful to the
text. He focuses on Jesus, salvation, and biblical principles.

We can sing in your service, preach and sing in your service, or hold longer revival meetings.

Q. "How Far Do You Travel?"

A. Stephen will go anywhere the Lord will allow! He has sung all over
Michigan (including the Upper Peninsula), Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Canada, and is willing to expand even further! Obviously special arrangements (such as lodging and travel expenses) would have to be arranged on longer trips, but he will find a way to come to you if the Lord is telling him
to go there!

Q. "How Much Do You Charge?"

A. Stephen does not really have a set amount that he "charges" for his ministry. He will usually come on a love offering basis, plus a small travel fee to cover expenses (the exact amount may vary by distance, but is
always very low). No event or church is too small or large. He asks
for lodging to be provided if it is required (this can be determined
by calling him).

Q. "What Type Of Music Do You Sing?"

A. He sings southern and traditional-style Gospel Music. He mixes together a variety of new and classic songs and hymns. He also features many great older gospel songs that have endured the test of time.

Q. "I see that you have puppets. Do you you bring them to your concerts/services?"

A. Yes! Stephen's puppets always make appearances in concerts. The humor they provide is always clean and fun for both kids and adults. They can also be used to tell a bible lesson for children if needed.