Stephen & Marie Forester 

The Supporters Club

Our ministry is supported by the generosity of God's people.

If our ministry has touched your life in some way and you feel led by God to support us, please prayerfully consider joining our monthly Supporters Club! As a monthly supporter, here is what you will receive in return.

1. A free CD at the time you sign up (your choice from our currently available product).

2. A free copy of each new CD that we release.

3. Regular updates (1-2 per month) about what God has been doing in our ministry.

4. A shared part in each soul that we are privileged to lead to Christ!

Fill out the form below completely. We will need it to send you your free CDs and email updates. All information is strictly confidential (WE PROMISE!).

Be sure to tell us in the comments which of our CDs you would like as your free gift for signing up! Also please let us know how much you wish to give, and your preferred method of payment.


Q. "Do I have to support you every month?"

A. To be a regular Supporters Club member, yes. However, if you wish to give something bi-monthly, you can do so if you make note of that in the comments when you sign up. You can also choose to give a one-time gift, and still receive your one free CD!

Q. "How much do I have to give?"

A. Any amount you wish! A gift of $5.00 or more will make you a member of our club. Please make sure to tell us how much you are signing up for in the comment section on our form.

Q. "How do I send my support gift?"

A. We accept checks, credit cards, and PayPal. 

You can mail a check each month to:

Stephen & Marie Forester.

71 S. Elba Rd. Lapeer, MI. 48446.

You can pay via PayPal by logging into your account and sending your donation to 

(You can use the "Send money to friends and family" option for convenience).  You can also call us and pay with your credit card over the phone.

Q. "When do I send my support money?"

A. You can send it any time during the month that you wish. Many people prefer to pay all of their bills at the first of the month, and if that simplifies things for you, great! However, you can pay any time during the month.

Please note that we do not "bill you" each month, and we do not send out any reminders for payment. You are responsible for remembering to make your monthly donations.

Q. "Is my donation tax-deductable?"

A. As far as we are aware, no. Our ministry is not set up as a 501C3 charity/ministry. By our own preferential choice, we run our finances as a self-employed business, and file our taxes accordingly. Check with your tax accountant to see if you can claim us on your tax returns.

Q. "What if I can no longer continue monthly support?"

A. We realize that life changes for everyone sometimes, and if you find yourself no longer able to support us monthly, we totally understand. No hard feelings, no questions asked. Just send an email to  and ask to be removed from our list. (Note: After 60 days of non-payment, we will assume that you wish to stop support, and will do this for you if you forget).